It definitely seems like an issue people here in Berkeley continue to think about and bring up in relation to God’s existence and His goodness: the fact that so much suffering, injustice, and evil exists.  Why wouldn’t an all-loving and all-powerful God do away with things that are so painful and wrong?

Keller approaches the issue from two sides, the philosophical and the personal.  For some people it’s a philosophical issue: this proves that the God of the Bible doesn’t exist.  For others, it’s a person issue: I can’t believe in a God who would allow this to happen to me, or to my loved one.

Did you find his responses helpful, satisfying?  What questions still linger for you?  What ways have you wrestled through this question?  What kind of answers have you come up with?


Ok, I know that this is from last weeks reading…but I think in the past I’ve been tempted to think about how we could more peacefully coexist if we kept religion out of the public sphere and I was challenged by Keller’s insights on the matter. How have your beliefs about religion and Christianity’s place in the world, public and private, been changed or confirmed after reading the first few chapters?

After reading the introduction the question I have to pose is this: what doubts have you struggled through/are struggling through regarding the Christian faith? If you haven’t had any doubts, why do think that is?

The book we're reading together!

Hello everyone!
Merry Christmas Eve! I hope that you all are really enjoying relaxing and spending time with your loved ones!

WELCOME to the new blog for New Church Berkeley, College Life! My apologies for the late start on the blog; I know it’s been 5 days since the semester ended, and all of you are eager to start reading and discussing our selection for the book club! If you don’t already know, the text for our winter break online book club is The Reason for God by the eloquent Timothy Keller! If you haven’t already procured for yourself a copy, you can borrow one for free at your local library, order a really cheap used one from Amazon, or get yourself a shiny new copy from any bookstore.

We’re praying that reading and discussing this book together will help us learn together, grow in Christ, and become better encouragers of each other (and it will help keep us in touch over the winter break, too). So create yourself a WordPress account, and get ready to publish your own thoughts in our discussion to this very blog! Below you will find a reading schedule based on the four weeks of break! Soon, the administrators will be posting several prompts to get your neural synapses and your heartstrings going. Feel free to pose any questions for discussion in your own blog posts as well! Alright, hope you guys are excited to share as we dig into this book!

Online Book Club Reading Schedule
Week 1: Dec. 19-26, 2009
Chapters 1-4 (Pages 3-67), and the Introduction if you like!

Week 2: Dec. 27, 2009-Jan. 2, 2010
Ch. 4-7 (Pgs 68-123)

Week 3: Jan 3-9, 2010
Ch. 8-11 (Pgs 127-185)

Week 4: Jan 10-16, 2010
Ch. 12-Epilogue (Pgs 186-240)

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